At Joe Bee Enterprise, we strive to provide the most reliable, quality service in the light assembly and packaging industry.

With our lower overhead costs, we are able to provide manual labor services which are typically outsourced overseas. Our customers pay for our services based on the finished piece. Quotes are not based on an hourly rate so the cost is locked in from the beginning of the project. (Subject to change based on economic changes) Let us take care of your manual labor assemblies whether it is big or small. Once we get qualified for a project, we provide all employee training and supervision for our Team Members. We emphasize quality and attention to details which results in a superior finished product.


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  • Electrical Cable Assembly

    We have vast experience with assembling cables and wires. This includes things such as crimping, stripping, tinning, heat-shrinking and soldering.

  • Kitting

    We offer kitting and assembly services and can group together different parts and components to be used for other production assembly.

  • Light Packaging

    Let us take care of all your small to light packaging. Provide us with your products and materials and we can do the rest.

  • Component Assembly

    We offer a variety of fulfillment services including automotive, electrical and packaging component assembly parts.

  • Inspections

    We have the ability to inspect any work or rework and/or defected products, as well as sort them. Let us help you save time and do your rework so you can keep your production flowing.

  • Labeling

    We can do your manual labeling on your poly-bags, zip lock bags, bottles, mailings or any other product.


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We have our Team Members trained and ready to accommodate your job-specific needs. Our Production Managers make sure our Team Members are always ready to work on products that need detailed and quality attention. Our area of expertise has been in the assembly of cables and wires but previously added more services to our facility.


Our History

In 2004, former city councilman, community leader, and business-driven entrepreneur, Joe Bee Xiong was interested in creating more local jobs and helping manufacturing companies cut costs. He wanted to have a reliable domestic outsource company, instead of having work being outsourced overseas. Xiong approached a local manufacturing company called, Minnesota Wire and Cable Company. He met with the Co-owner and Operations Manager, Brian Wagner and together they formed what is now Joe Bee Enterprise, Inc.


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